At Coffee Shop, we celebrate great coffee roasters from all over the country! Our partners are always sending us their latest & greatest coffees to share with our guests, as well as retail bags to brew at home!

Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffe Roasters highest quality fresh roasted coffee; learn to brew, subscribe, or visit us in Portland, Seattle, New York and Los Angeles.

Anchorhead Coffee

We are believers in doing what you love and loving what you do. And we make coffee for people who love coffee.

Four Barrel Coffee

We're old-fashioned... about roasting. We rely on highly trained people, not computers, to see through the intention of our roasting style. Our style highlights the intrinsic qualities of a coffee that drove us to buy it in the first place: cleanness, sweetness, acidity, complexity.

Cafe Grumpy

We like to keep things simple and focus on quality. Every year we strive to connect our customers more closely with the coffees we source by maintaining direct relationships with our producing partners around the world. Our goal is to serve you a delicious and socially responsible cup that highlights the nuances inherent in each coffee we roast. We’re proud to let the coffee speak for itself.

Bellwether Coffee

We love coffee—fresh coffee that is farmed, imported and roasted with a positive social impact.

Sightglass Coffee

Our company takes its name from the 'sightglass,' the viewing window on our vintage PROBAT coffee roaster that exposes the complex and delicate process of roasting coffee. We believe that knowing the story behind your coffee—where it was grown, how it was processed, and who handled it along the way—is a powerful link from the cup to the wider world.

Equator Coffee

Equator takes its name from the place where coffee grows best, the equatorial zone that encircles the globe. The evergreen coffee shrub thrives at high altitudes in the tropics, where moderate temperatures, adequate rainfall and rich soil allow coffee plants to yield sufficient quantities of fruit to make its cultivation a sustainable endeavor. Of course coffee beans are not legumes but instead the seed of a berry, known colloquially as coffee cherries.

Just as with wine grapes, there are numerous varieties of coffee plants. We favor older heirloom variety coffee such as Bourbon, Caturra, Gesha and Typica and tend to avoid newer hybrids that are engineered to be higher yielding and disease resistant, often at the expense of flavor.

Zolo Coffee

With the simple yet elusive goal of creating the very best cup of coffee, Zolo Coffee got our first gig at the Danville Farmers’ Market. Now, nearly 3 years after our first market, we are doing several different markets and antique fairs a month, have commercial accounts and have worked many weddings, parties, conventions and other events thrown in between. We’ve introduced high quality espresso drinks, iced coffee, as well as hot and iced tea into our line-up. We are excited for the future of this company and hope that you can be part of our story.

George Howell Coffee

George Howell Coffee’s mission is to seek out the best coffees on Earth. We buy the finest regional and single farm-sourced coffees for coffee lovers who share in our quest for the ultimate cup!